The trend of natural therapy

Natural care

The trend of natural therapy

Alternative medicine formulas are becoming increasingly popular, like Indeed, natural procedures and organic products are becoming the first choice for common illnesses thanks to their reputation of having no side effects. According to recent studies, 71% of patients are using these methods and the figure is rising by the day as most medical consultations are left for chronic pain these days. Among the most frequently used therapies are phytotherapy, which consists of plant-based or plant extracts-based treatment, massage, osteopathy, homeopathy and acupuncture.


Common illnesses

Advice from general practitioners

Digestive problems

Digestive problems

Digestive problems can be common. We recommend you make your daily life easier by connecting to telemedicine websites.

Skin disorders

Skin disorders

A skin problem can be solved by alternative medicine. In case of chronic pain, it is advisable to seek medical attention.

Eye infections

Eye infections can be treated quickly with antibiotics or antibacterials. However, you should ask for advice beforehand.

Buying medicines

Online pharmacies: for information and purchase

Access thousands of non-prescription medications by logging on to online pharmacies. The products come from several world-renowned laboratories and producers. Telepharmacies put several pharmaceutical products online. You can also discover alternative medicine products for your health and well-being and buy organic products such as essential oils for massage or skin applications, more details on

Eating habits

3 foods to include in your food routine

Ginger treats

Ginger treats common ailments

Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory

Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

A very popular preventive effect

The benefits of dark chocolate

An effective antioxidant

Mental balance

Covid 19: take care of your mental health!

The Coronavirus pandemic brought many changes to our daily habits. Working from home, lay-offs, breach of contract, limited travel and forbidden family visits have all had many impacts in terms of space, time and socio-emotional life. Taking care of mental health doesn’t necessarily require you to go to the psychologist! All you need to do is adjust to a new and good habit: stay connected to the internet, but keep informed to the strict minimum. However, it is important to monitor the time spent on screens, video games and social media.

Aesthetic medicine

How to correct minor defects?

There are several aesthetic techniques to improve one’s appearance with regards to small defects, i.e. scars, spots, etc. These are generally used to avoid major surgery, which can be very costly. Learn about aesthetic medicines and how to correct small defects.

Facial cryotherapy

Facial cryotherapy

This cold mist process eliminates the dead cells of the epidermis. The treatment is carried out at approximately -180° C.

The effects of hyaluronic acid

The effects of hyaluronic acid

Give balance to your face with hyaluronic acid whose active ingredients help to correct a nasal discharge.

Adopt your own formula when it comes to aesthetic medicine!

Early diagnosis

Alzheimer's disease: discover the early signs

How do you identify Alzheimer’s disease in a person? Before seeking medical help, you can indeed do your own screening! If you suspect Alzheimer’s in a loved one, start by monitoring their habits. The disease usually begins with recurring, sometimes bizarre memory loss that can disrupt daily life. The agony caused by Alzheimer’s starts with a disturbance in memory that shows in the management of daily tasks and especially those related to work, budget, and even simple routines. This then translates into a spatial and temporal entanglement that ends in an extreme mood change.

Alzheimer's disease