Is there necessarily a link between nutrition and obesity?

Many people are still asking whether there is a link between obesity and nutrition. The answer is simple: there is a very close connection. Of course, several factors, such as genetic predisposition, disease and poor diet are responsible for this phenomenon, but the latter can be solved and avoided by focusing on nutrition, i.e. adopting a good diet. Nutrition plays two roles at once, it can solve the problem as well as cause it.

The link between junk food and obesity

Fast food is very popular nowadays and has become very fashionable because of its affordability and the speed of cooking. These are in a nutshell the main sources of obesity. Instead of consuming healthy and balanced home-cooked meals, everyone these days prefers to buy burgers, pizzas, tacos, and soda or beer. Not only are these meals too floury and rich in oil, but soda is also a gaseous product, which promotes the disruption of intestinal transit and causes bloating. Obesity occurs when industrial products or fast food dominate daily food.

The impact of fats on the human body

Fats are almost always present in food, for example in mayonnaise, sweets, meat, fried food, etc., and play an important role in the development of the body. However, they greatly affect body weight. Besides carbohydrates and proteins, fats are one of the energy elements for the body. Indeed, one gram of fat provides 9Kcal. Most people do not realise how much oil or fat they consume in a day which results in excess, and when the person is not physically active, the rest of the unused fat is stored in the fatty tissues that form the bulges, which is ultimately a sign of obesity.

Effects of carbohydrates on body weight

Carbohydrates can also cause excess weight and even obesity if their consumption is not regulated. Whether it is slow or fast sugar, care must be taken. Like fat, if the energy supplied by carbohydrates exceeds that expended by the body, excess weight will always be welcome! Protein is the only element in the body that cannot be stored as a reserve and is the first to be used as an energy source when eating. Carbohydrates and fats, however, while waiting to be used, are stored in the reserve tissues. The amount of carbohydrate and fat eaten will therefore affect body weight.

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