How to properly trim your moustache?

Hair growth on the cheeks, chin, jaw and upper lip is inevitable for men. It is a phenomenon that is witness to the normal development of the male individual. With that in mind, why not take care of it and turn into a stylish fella by letting your moustache grow? Indeed, when choosing your look, all you have to do is take into account your style, face shape and hair growth.

The moustache offers men an authentic and manly look

To enhance your moustache's appearance, choose the style that suits you best. There are many styles, but here are a few examples. The original and classic moustache is found just above the upper lip. A pencil line moustache style is thin and thinner than the original. The Dali moustache is inspired by that of the Spanish painter Salvador Dali, a type in which the outer tips are curved upwards in a circle. Other styles include the horseshoe moustache, chevron moustache, pyramid moustache, bicycle handlebar moustache, Hitler moustache, toothbrush moustache, and many more.

Get the right equipment to take care of your moustache

First, get a sharp beard comb, so that the hairs are well aligned. Be aware that a plastic comb makes the beard swell a bit. Secondly, get a moustache trimmer. Then, you can either use a cabbage trimmer or a conventional razor. Thirdly, for shaving, pick a special shaving oil or moustache wax. Note, however, that lather is not contraindicated. It's just that with too much foam you'll shave blindly. Then get a pair of scissors. If you have long hairs, the moustache scissors are really useful to trim them precisely. And lastly, favour the use of a magnifying mirror.

Easy steps to trim your moustache

First of all, make sure your beard is at least 2 cm long. Note that for other styles, you need even more! That is to say, let your moustache grow to be able to turn into something afterwards. And above all, get the right equipment for that! Secondly, start cutting your moustache to the right thickness. Note that this task requires a lot of precision! After that, take care of the contour of your upper lip and then trim the top of the moustache. Thirdly, use the clippers to shave your beard and perfect your moustache. Of course, don't forget to apply oil, wax, foam, or a special balm or gel to your face! Finally, rinse your face and adjust your moustache's style if there is still something to do.

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