Losing weight to get rid of rheumatism

Some diet plans help relieve rheumatic symptoms by reducing inflammation with the foods they include. This type of diet does not cure the disease, but it can improve the sick person's quality of life. Rheumatism can be accelerated by being overweight. So, if you want to cure joint discomfort and alleviate rheumatic pain, you have only one option: to lose weight!

Causes and impact of obesity and rheumatism

Being overweight, i.e carrying too much weight puts a strain on the joints and can lead to rheumatism. In fact, the joints support the entire weight of the body, so the greater the poundage, the greater the strain on them. Hip and knee joints in particular are often affected. Obesity also aggravates inflammation, which makes inflammatory rheumatism such as ankylosing spondylitis or rheumatoid arthritis worse.

Which exercise help relieve rheumatism

It is essential to lose weight in order to relieve your joints and, with them, the pain associated with rheumatism. in that respect, you won't irritate them. Losing a few pounds, for example, is far more effective than anti-inflammatory drugs in reducing the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis. So regular efforts such as not sitting for more than two hours, having to walk for thirty minutes every day, paying attention to your diet, doing some modest exercises, etc. are recommended. If you want to lose weight, be careful about the sports you choose. Patients suffering from obesity and rheumatism should be extremely cautious when exerting physical effort on their joints. Maintaining joint flexibility and blood circulation is also strongly encouraged by participating in appropriate physical activity. Note that stiffness and mobility of the legs can be prevented by specific exercises. Furthermore, after hours of immobility, stretching in the morning can prevent numbness and relax the muscles. It's worth noting that cartilage atrophy is also caused by a lack of exercise.

Foods that help combat rheumatism

There are drugs for obesity, but they carry health risks. A balanced diet allows you to lose weight in a more natural way. Some foods have pain-relieving properties when it comes to rheumatism. Anti-cholesterol substances, such as omega 3, are foods that have natural anti-inflammatory qualities and are particularly useful against inflammatory rheumatism. Vitamin C includes joint-preserving antioxidants and is recommended for its fat-burning qualities. Proteins, especially soy proteins, also play a role in bone repair. Likewise, patients are recommended spa treatments to gently work the joints. This will help them to start losing weight while contributing to their overall health. Spa treatment is useful for the skin and joints in cases of psoriatic arthritis. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, spondyloarthritis, chronic tendonitis, and fibromyalgia are among the conditions for which it is also prescribed.

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